US And South Korea Begin Joint Military Exercises

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The US And South Korea Begin Joint Military Exercises:
SEOUL: Annual military exercises for the U.S. and South Korean forces have begun, South Korea says, focusing on military exercises is to assess the practical capabilities of domestic military combat situations.

According to details, North Korea expressed its deep concern over the launch of these exercises, saying that conducting these military exercises could weaken nuclear diplomacy.

According to the South Korean Defense Ministry spokesman, the focus of these military exercises is to determine the practical capabilities of the military in combat situations.
Combat exercises include the use of US-South Korean troops as well as combat equipment and weapons. North Korea has also carried out two ballistic missile tests targeting mid-range in recent days.

It is to be noted that in June last year, the US and South Korea announced their suspension of joint military exercises on the North Korean issue.

With the end of joint military exercises, the United States has made a condition that North Korea will not launch a nuclear program again and Kim Jong Un remains committed to what was discussed in Singapore on June 12.

It is worth mentioning that Trump had a historic meeting with North Korean chief Kim Jong Un on June 12 in the island of Sentosa, Singapore. On this occasion, important documents were also signed between the two countries.

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