The World's First Woman To Win The 4,000km Long Race

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The World's First Woman To Win The 4,000km Long Race
The World's First Woman To Win The 4,000km Long Race:
Berlin: Germany's Fiona Kolbinger won the first woman to win the 4,000-kilometer race in different countries, beating 200 men.

According to details, 24-year-old cancer researcher Fiona Kolbinger, a German-based researcher, became the first female athlete to complete the thousands of kilometers long cycle race held in continental Europe.

The German woman suffered storms, torrential heat, and icy rain during the cycling race, ending in five cities starting in Bulgaria's maritime city of Briggs, ending in Brest, west of France.
The German woman's 4000km ride on the cycle in 10 days 2 hours 48 minutes said, "It could have been harder, which would have made me more awake".

Fiona Kolbinger said, 'I am very surprised to win the race', which is one of 265 cyclists that included 40 women. "When I came to this race I thought I could win the first position in the women but did not think that I would be the winner of the whole race," he said.

The foreign news agency said that British athlete Ben Davies won the second position in the Nerve Endurance Cycle Race, which completed the race in 13 days and 10 minutes in 10 days.

The foreign news agency said that the Trans-Continental Race (a race consisting of several countries and thousands of kilometers) began for the first time in 2013, with cyclists traveling long distances from London to Istanbul.

First place in the first Trans-Continental Race was won by Christophe Aligarte of Belgium.

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