India Banned Huawei For Serious Consequences China

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India Banned Huawei For Serious Consequences China
India Banned Huawei For Serious Consequences China:
Beijing: China has warned India that if India banned telecom company Huawei, it will be ready for serious consequences.

According to details, China warned New Delhi of serious consequences on a possible move not to allow Chinese companies to do business in India and said that Indian companies may also face difficulties in their country. ۔

According to a foreign news agency, India's Telecom Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad had said that India is going to test 5G cellular networks in the next few months but invited Chinese telecom product makers to participate in this regard. Did not give

Huawei, the largest telecom product maker in the world, remains the epicenter of a trade war between China and the United States, where US President Donald Trump's administration expressed concern for national security in May this year. Was blacklisted.

Chinese company Huawei's decision to end its dependence on Android
The US had advised its allies not to use Huawei's products and said China could use them to monitor their affairs.

According to the report, two sources familiar with the ongoing internal debate in New Delhi said that Indian Ambassador to Beijing Vikram Masri was summoned by the Chinese Foreign Ministry on July 10, which resulted in the US campaign to Huawei 5 Concerns were expressed over the possible removal of the G-Mobile infrastructure.

Sources said at the meeting, Chinese officials said that India should not ban Huawei under pressure from Washington, otherwise Indian companies engaged in business in China could be banned in return.

In response to a question, the Chinese Foreign Ministry said that Beijing expects India to decide freely in 5G auctions.

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