Facebook Suspended 350 Accounts Supporting The Saudi Government

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Facebook Suspended 350 Accounts Supporting The Saudi Government:
Riyadh: Facebook, the world's largest social website, for the first time suspended 350 fake accounts allegedly supporting the Saudi government.

According to details, prior to this action, Facebook shut down fake Facebook accounts operated by other Middle Eastern countries, including Iran, for alleged opposition to Saudi Arabia.

According to a foreign news agency, the Facebook administration August 1 suspended the Saudi government's propaganda over Facebook and the accounts allegedly used against regional rivals.

According to the Facebook administration, the accounts suspended were allegedly run by people affiliated with the Saudi government. The accounts and pages that were suspended were allegedly endorsed by the Saudi government and propagated by their political propaganda.
Hundreds of Palestinian accounts closed under fake Facebook accounts:

Facebook did not explicitly say what kind of Saudi government propaganda was being propagated through these accounts, and through these accounts targeted regional rival countries in Saudi Arabia.

The Saudi government, on the other hand, has refused to recognize the suspended accounts. The statement sent by the Saudi government to the British news agency said that the accounts suspended by Facebook had nothing to do with the government or its affiliates.

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