Yugur Muslim is Living Prosperously in China, President Urduaan:

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Yugur Muslim is living prosperous in China, President of Urduaan
Yugur Muslim is Living Prosperously in China, President  Urduaan:
Ankara: Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan started supporting the Chinese government's official role, with the help of Chinese conservative Muslims.

According to the details, relations between China and Turkey have been strained for the last few years, and this tension is attributed to the conflicts with Muslims of Yuguras in Xinjiang province of China.

The foreign news agency said recently the Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan who was advocating on the rights of Muslims, took a turn after supporting 'China's official position.'

China's official news agency said recently he met his Chinese counterpart Sheikh Jennifer, said that we are satisfied with the Muslims of Yugas. Yugur Muslims are living happily.

Four months ago, a statement issued by the Turkish Foreign Ministry was said that non-human beings are treated with Muslims speaking in Yugor-breed in China, which is stupid on the human side.

The foreign news agency said that more than 20 million Muslims of Yugor-based in Xinjiang's northwestern province, China are criticized by international organizations regarding their basic rights.

The foreign news agency said that China is accused that he has banned religious restrictions on Muslims of the Yuguras along with military camps, where he does not get to basic human rights, China strongly condemns the allegations. It has been rejected.

China says that Muslims of Yugur generation have been placed in professional educational centers where their education and management are managed. In order to protect them from religious extremism, various vocals are trained in Chinese.
President Tayyip Erdoğan said China will stop working on the support of the United Nations policy, according to China's 'Lindau' news agency. Muslims of Yugur Breed present in Xinjiang region have been living as happiness and there is an internal autonomy of the population.

He said that the development and prosperity of China is a real fact. Ankara, Beijing will not allow spoiling the relationship.

President Erdogan said his country will continue to cooperate with the two countries, to promote political confidence, deal with extremism and bilateral cooperation in the security sector.

The Turkish President warned that in connection with the problems of Muslims in Xinjiang Province, the relations between Turkey and China would not be allowed to be destroyed.

He said Turkey and China are two major trade partners and will expand the scope of trade partnership.

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