What's in This Unique Vending Machine

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What's in this unique vending machine
What's in This Unique Vending Machine:
Well, there are different food products, chocolates, chips, and Joses in vending machines, but some unique vending machines have been installed in the U.S. city of Portland, which is very unusual and interesting items.

There are books in the vending machines in Portland, USA, Oregon, CDs, and some unique items. Such as air colors, colorful cards, and pocket diaries of the form of dinosaurs.

However, all those buyers hold on their mysterious bags, which have a great deal of sign. What's inside this bag? This curiosity compels people to buy this mushroom bag, which is just 2 or 3 dollars.

These machines are the creation of a lady Taylor Wales. These vendors known as Vendors are installed in 15 different locations in Portland.
Taylor says that the advertisement came after a meeting with the owner of the once, he showed his views to the bar owner and liked the idea that he would soon keep this vending machine. Offer space at the bar.

Taylor receives $ 80,000 a year from those vending machines. Most of the items in the machine have been purchased from the wholesale market, while color cards are prepared by local painters.

Taylor says he sells 12 cents of goods from the wholesale market and sells them from 2 to 3 dollars, "it does not even burden anyone's pocket and people love to buy these interesting items."

According to Taylor, the best place to keep these machines is near the bathroom where people stand in rows and at the same time, they buy something from wandering.

And yes, let's tell you that Good Luck cards, notes, and small toys out of popular marital bags in buyers, which buyers are very happy to see.

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