What Country is The Best Restaurant in The World?

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What Country is The Best Restaurant in The World?
What Country is The Best Restaurant in The World?
Paris: The French Heritage Minton Restaurant honored the world's best hotel.

According to details, compared to the 50 best restaurants in Singapore, the competition was organized, which was rated by specialists' decisions and public opinion.

This competition has been held in Singapore since 2002, the French Heritage Restaurant of Males has declared the best hotel in the world, while Denmark and Peru's hotels were able to place ten best restaurants in the list.
According to the report, the first ten good restaurants include France, Denmark, Peru, Spain, Thailand hotels. According to a foreign news agency, the restaurant's classification has been keeping in mind many things, the most important food quality.

This year, the hotel receiving the world's best restaurant award has got awards in 2006, the Merkez Mennon Restaurant, located in France's renowned entertainment venue, features best views on the ground, creating pure vegetables on its ground and excellent staff. given.

Talking to a foreign news agency, Chef Mero Colago, the restaurant, said, "It's a great pleasure for me, now I feel like flying in the air." The report states that the chef is from Argentine.

10 best restaurants in the world

1: Mazur, Minton (France)

2: Numma, Copenhagen (Denmark)

3: Eidur Ethicsbury, Ashley (Spain)

4: Gagan, Bangkok (Thailand)

5: Geranium, Copenhagen (Denmark)

6: Central, Lima (Peru)

7: Magazines, San Sebastian (Spain)
8: RPG, Paris (France)

9: Dessert room, Barcelona (Spain)

10: Midsu, Lima (Peru)

According to the foreign news agency report, more than a thousand experts were also assisted in preparing the list.

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