The Location OF The Earth is Similar To Mars

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The Location OF The Earth is Similar To Mars
The Location OF The Earth is Similar To Mars:
Well, planet Earth is different from all other planets and is very smart where all the colors of nature are visible. However, there is a place on the ground that looks like planet Mars.

Desert Valley Valley Ramadan is also called Marashi Valley in the Middle East country. This area consisting of Sangla mountains and high altitude is known as March's desert.

Some Buddhist tribes are also inhabited near this desert, which is famous for their hospitality. It was also the passage of the big soldiers of the valley, passing through here, where the residents of the local tribes settled here would be fevered.
When the sun turns down, when the darkness of the night covers everything here and the sky becomes bright, then the shepherd of the wires performs its shadow on the valley.

Here, often astronomers, students, and ordinary people also gather for the views of different astrological phenomena.

Due to the beauty and historical condition of this dessert, it has also been included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

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