Printed Shirt on The road

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Printed The shirt on the road
Printed Shirt on The road:
Most people like to wear printed clothes in different ways, printing is a time-to-use job that money is also spent.

However, Germany is undergoing explicit printing, which is becoming very popular in people.

A group of youths in Berlin, Germany, on the road design t-shirts, and for this, they use this road instead of a printer.
Actually, the design of the road is implanted, then it is pressed on top of the t-shirt and thus the design moves on this shirt.

The name of this group of youth means 'pity printer'. It also clears this ink after every print.

For this printing, they use on-street tiles and manhole balls on which many beautiful designs are made. This move is in Europe, where gutter balls are also historical and different designs.

These youth say that their printing purpose is to bring the beautiful designs on the streets of the city, which are usually not visible to anyone.

Would you like to wear such printed shirts?

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