Iran Rejects US Pressure

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Iran Rejects US Pressure
Iran Rejects US Pressure:
Washington / New Delhi: India has backed the US pressure, saying, "We will continue to purchase oil from Iran, and the rest of the goods will continue to trade."

According to details, the United States is going to impose more sanctions on Iran and President Donaldermarp threatens the rest of the world that those American sanctions will not have to face such consequences, but India will face the US It has refused to accept the pressure and has announced that it will continue to trade with oil and other goods from Iran.
The Indian news agency said it was announced by Indian Minister of State V. Murali Dharan while answering members of the Lok Sabha.

The deadline said that there was still confinement in the country that what would India be positioned after the US sanctioned sanctions on Iran?

The government has been told that he will not cancel a trade with Iran and purchase oil. We will continue to buy oil from Iran and the rest of the goods will continue to be traded. India's relations with Iran have bilateral relations, they do not have the effect of America or any third country.

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