Government is More Important or Love?

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Government is more important or love
Government is More Important or Love?
For a long time, what matter is important in human life, money or love? Different people respond differently due to their experiences.

Some people say that you can earn money by earning but not love, that is why love is a rare and a potato item.

On the contrary, some people believe that money keeps life comfortable, comfortable and easy and can also mislead the grief of love.

However, one thing is certain that humans have the value of the same thing that they lose. Large wealthy people are deprived of depriving of love, while families and loved ones are showing embarrassment why they are not rich.
The American city was also tested in New York to get the answer to this question. People on board were discovered from what they think is more important than wealth and love.

People coming to the road responded to this question and it was finally seen that more people supported love instead of wealth.

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What would you answer this question?

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