China Warns Hong Kong

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China warns Hong Kong
China Warns Hong Kong:
Beijing: China has warned the United Kingdom that it should avoid interference in our internal affairs, according to the ongoing protests in Hong Kong.

According to details, protests have been held in Hong Kong for 3 weeks in protest against China's export bill, which is being criticized on the Chinese government, including this bill.

According to the foreign news agency, two days ago protesters had shouted protesters on the Hong Kong Parliament, and after breaking down the British building had also put on the Chandra.

In response, China has warned the United Kingdom that it does not achieve its political objectives in the ongoing protest demonstration in Hong Kong, and do not take any leg in our domain matters.

The Hong Kong demonstration by London authorities could threaten our relationship with the Chinese embassy, ​​Liu Jung, a Chinese embassy posted in the UK.
He further said that the attack on the Hong Kong Parliament will not be tolerated anymore, taking action should be taken strictly.

After the clashes in Hong Kong capture the parliamentarian protesters

After the statement of the Chinese embassy, ​​the British office asked for a request for Li-Jumping and condemned his recent statement strongly condemning it.

It is clear that under the laws submitted by the Criminal Court in Hong Kong, the semi-autonomous Hong Kong and China will be dealt with reference to the case against the accused in connection with other areas of the region.

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