6.4-Magnitude Earthquake in The US, Buildings Get Frustrated

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6.4-magnitude earthquake in the US, buildings get frustrated
6.4-Magnitude Earthquake in The US, Buildings Get Frustrated:
Washington: US state of California feels shocking shock, 6.4 recorded on the reactor scale.

According to the local news agency, a severe shock of the earthquake near the southwestern region was felt in the south of California in the southern parts of the country on Thursday morning, causing high-rise buildings to become tremendous. According to the American Geological Survey, the center of the earthquake was the Valley of the Cellars, and its depth was 8.7.

Locals of Los Angeles also say that they felt a shock of lightweight earthquake for a few seconds, but it could not be confirmed yet.

Due to the earthquake, the flight operation on Los Angeles International Airport was suspended for a while, but after half an hour the flames began flying normally.
The announcement issued by the Los Angeles Police states that they have not yet received any reports of financial losses and financial losses.

Local governments instructed all the rescue agencies to be prepared for any unfortunate incident, while the dwellers living in high buildings were also moved to the safe place.

No casualties and financial losses were reported in the wake of the earthquake in Los Angeles or South California.

US President Donald Trump wrote on social networking website Twitter that he was given briefing regarding the earthquake, all things are in government control and the situation is normal.

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