'Wanted 1992 Similarities Continue To Win Our World Cup'

'Wanted 1992 similarities continue to win our World Cup'
'Wanted 1992 similarities to continue to win our World Cup'
Hopefully, the world is established, nothing beyond hope, it is hoping that you work hard to work hard. Even when we defeated the traditional rivals in India's main match, even our hope was not broken. We believed in our ability and we believed that when we change our ability to perform, we can defeat any team in this tournament.

We took two days off and after two days everything started as if it was restored. The most valuable thing for us is the support of the fans. If there were 80% green vegetables and Pakistani flags coming in the lord, it was 100% in Jacksonville. It is the support of the fans who inspire us. He is a good fielding, a good shot or a wicket when he gets praised. So apart from our hope and belief, the support made by Standards and slogans has been an important factor in the win of our two matches.