Use a Philip Phone And Win One Thousand Dollars

Use a Philip Phone And Win One Thousand Dollars
Use a Philip Phone And Win One Thousand Dollars:
A unique competition in the United States State Utah has been announced as a 'Philip Challenge', which can save a thousand dollars using an old flip phone for a week.

Ontario's Internet and Mobile Service Frontier Communications Company has announced that Philip phone's 30th anniversary will be given a prize of $ 1,000 a person who uses the old mobile phone for a week leaving the modern mobile.

According to the details, the favorite candidate in this challenge will be the ones who use social media to accelerate a smartphone, but it is much better.

The company says that the company needs a brave person who is willing to hand over the smartphone company and use our given flip phone, the candidates will have to send an e-mail and keep a record of SMS, The company needs to know about sleep.
The institution says that by this challenge we want to see how modern mobile phones are effective on sleep and performance, as well as this interesting competition will also be seen how today felt without a smartphone at this time. Goes away

The agency's spokesman claims that till now 30,000 people have participated in this competition, one of whom will be a lucky person.

 This exciting contest, which will be announced on July 7, will be won, the winning candidate will receive only $ 1000, as well as a medical aid kit and a CD used in 1990, Pocket Phonebooks, notepads will also be given to a winner.