The Surgical Queen was Present in The Womb of 23 Years

The Surgical Queen was Present in The Womb of 23 Years
The Surgical Queen was Present in The Womb of 23 Years:
A woman from Russia recently became a stomach after a stomach that she has been stomaching the chest used for surgery for more than two decades.

Azita Gobua is related to the northern part of Russia, since the surgery of 1996, after suffering from severe acne in her stomach.

The doctors considered this pain as a liver problem and kept writing Azerba's pain medication.

Azita says that after staying in pain for a long time, he was recently asked to do it because he was getting relief from pain medication.

One episode found that there was a knife used during his stomach surgery, about which Azta believed that during the operation the syringes would have forgotten their stomach and no surgery after the surgery. Had happened
Azeta has told that this surgery has passed 23 years. In his interview at a local newspaper, he told that the radical radiologist himself was surprised to see this queen in my stomach, and he realized that the woman mistakenly took the cabinets into the bathroom.

The woman said she was shocked to see the episode and started crying.

Surgical clamps or queenes actually carry doctors tissues and rope jobs during surgery.

Another operation of Azita has been set to extract this clamp.

There is a lot of questions raised in Russia, and the Russian Ministry of Health spokesman has been informed that the Ministry itself will oversee the investigation of the matter.

The ministry has said that the cost of the operation of Azeta will be raised by the ministry and will be paid tribulation to 23 years of torture.