The Possibility OF Introduce OF 5G Technology in IPhones By 2020

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The possibility of introduction of 5G technology in iphone by 2020
The Possibility OF Introduce OF 5G Technology in iPhones By 2020:
Washington: The leading company is likely to introduce 5G technology in iPhone by 2020, Apple's flagship will be provided with Wi-Fi support.

According to the details, iPhone has been a major issue for consumers, after the failure of legal warfare in the FG race success plan, Apple has decided to introduce its 5GG phones in 2020 after acquiring CALCOM issues.

So far, many companies that manufacture Android devices have introduced 5G technology equipped smartphones, but iPhone users have to wait for 2020.

According to Apple-based various lex analysts Ming Chi-Q, Apple's next year can introduce with at least 2 iPhone models with FiveG support, to provide Wi-Fi support in Apple's flagship iPhone. Is possible
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Remember the mobile phone companies in the US and South Korea claimed to be the first 5G service in the world in April.

In South Korea, in early 2014, Wireless Technology 5G was initially presented and it was announced to be normalized by 2020 worldwide.

According to technology experts, Internet technology will increase up to 50 times on smartphones with 5 technology, through which users will be able to download multiple megabytes in just a second.

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