Surfraz's 'Captain'

Surfraz's 'Captain'
Sarfraz's 'Captain'
It is time that time is too cruel, it is never the same to anyone.

Manchester's Old Trafford Ground was held on 7 September 2016, where T20 captain Sarfraz Ahmed won 9 wickets against England. Then it came time too when the World Cup hit the target against traditional rival India in the 2019 World Cup against 89 runs.

The news circulating that the coach and chief selector of the bureaucracy are going to be round, although the attitude of the captain was cautious, after the defeat against India, Sarfraz Ahmed's colleagues were keenly inclined towards their attitude The reservations have made a lot of things.

The fact that four matches of the World Cup are going on, but the biggest question is that these cases can be more difficult in the present situation. According to PCB Ehsan Mani, the chairman of the series, called on Sarfraz Ahmed in London, but he did not say Sarfraz that you would be captain after the World Cup.

If they would say that, Sarfraz Ahmed's movements and circulation elements kept rising, as Captain 32 years of Sarfraz Ahmed field has shown very weak, especially before the World Cup, integration of integration. They had to rest against Asadilia and silence the chairman, indicating that Sarfraz Ahmed did not walk in touch with his parents.

There is a problem especially with the help of Victor Keeper, however, now during a few players talking about the leadership of Sarfraz in the World Cup, the discussion is that their views are focused on Captain, summarizing that the water is now heading Being high.
As Sarfraz's aggressive attitude in Captain Gordon and the policy of reversing other than out of Groundwater decisions have weakened his position, although attempts have been made to save Sarfraz Ahmed's leadership.

However, all its dependence will depend on the performance of self-defense in the next four matches, maybe Sarfraz may survive even after not going to the World Cup semifinal, but it does not seem to be apparently visible.

The T20 format, where the team led by Wicketkeeper keeper is a wonderful record, and Pakistan is ranked first in the ICC rankings, his leadership figures are impressive, victory in 34 matches 29 and defeat only 5, But as the Test captain, their figures are so uncomfortable.

In the 13 Test, the national team defeated them in 8 and won only four, the same is also one-day cricket, where their team won the ICC Champions trophy in 2017.

Under Sarfraz, Pakistan has won the victory in 22 out of 44 One Day. But 14 of those 22 out of Pakistan won from Zimbabwe (6), Sri Lanka (6), Hong Kong and Afghanistan (A, A).

Looking at the facts and situations, wicketkeeper Sarfraz Ahmed as captain and wicketkeeper appeared to be facing future concerns in the national team.