Start a Wi-Fi Service in Saudi Arabia
Start a Wi-Fi Service in Saudi Arabia:
Riaz: Saudi authorities launched the Navy City Air Day Progressive Service, Ministry of Telecom said in an FY-related Tweet tweet that the words of the pledge that "will continue to make a unique place in the future".

According to details, the Saudi Ministry of Telecom has been told by the Navy City Airport, and the airport has a unique status as the first time the airport service is being used throughout the region. Is.

The Saudi Ministry of Telecom said that after the launch of the FYG service at the Netmums City, Saudi Arabia has become the first country to launch the FY Generation Internet Service throughout the region.
According to Foreign News, a tweet posted on Twitter on the Microbaging Web site said that Saudi Arabia is the first country to use airports' services in the entire region.

According to this tweet, Saudi winner also recorded the words of Prince Mohammed bin Salman in which he said that we will continue to make our country a unique place in the future.

Authorities said that the Nemi City Airport's airport is being run as fast as possible and consumers are benefiting from it.

Remember that the Saudi government is going to lead towards continuous development and enlightenment under vision 2030, in this regard, women are not only being independent but also providing employment opportunities.