Should Food Be Kept in air Conditioned Boxes?

Should Food Be Kept in air Conditioned Boxes?
Should Food Be Kept in air Conditioned Boxes?
Eat tattoo can be used to keep food items in the refrigerator, and vegetables, salads and fruits are also kept closed in the boxes before cooking.

Water shortage or water drops begin to appear on the boxes after taking some time in the refrigerator, it happens with all but what is right to be done, what can it be different from eating?

The former restaurant chef describes his experience that he used to do this, and on the boxes, he used to disturb them.
It was not possible for only a dish to cook like a chef, so lentils used to be closed in the lentils and put them in the refrigerator.

In fact, this fever is moisture in the container, it is cold and cold outside the container because the dish is cooled first, so moisture starts from changing inside the food. Yes, the humidity remains at a cool surface. That's why it's just a science, it can not be changed.

Experts say that because of the food in the refrigerator, the cap on top of it should be tightly closed, especially if not covered by hot food and do not keep it in the refrigerator, but let it come to the temperature of the refrigerator and then cover it.

That is why a few holes are placed in the holes for moisture to be removed, it is better to remove the hole from the hole before the food is kept in the refrigerator.

Now the question is whether it is safe to go out of moisture, it is said that food is safe, but it does not have its flavor and drainage.