Husband Gave a Drama To Kidnap The Ship To Get His Wife Out OF Work

Husband Gave a Drama To Kidnap The Ship To Get His Wife Out OF Work
Husband Gave a Drama To Kidnap The Ship To Get His Wife Out OF Work:
What can be the goals behind the serious mistake of kidnapping any ship? Of course, your mind will have to face terrorism, loss or negotiations on any matter, etc.

But one reason is as far as you can not imagine, that an Indian trader hated the drama of threatening the kidnapping of his wife to dismiss his wife, but the drama reached its end and the Indian trader The jail has to go.

Brussels, a 38-year-old Mumbai resident, told in a statement in the court that in fact, she wanted to finish her wife's job so that she could spend more time together.

Brida, sticking to a tissue paper after printing a paper on a jet threatening to kidnap the jet during the jet airways flight for this purpose.

Barjoo told the court that it was like that Jet Airways will turn off his flights from Delhi, which will end his wife's job and it will be sent back to Mumbai and both of our wives Get together.

Prosecutors told the court that Cabinet's Cabinet conveyed the threat of the suspect to the pilots, causing pilots to land emergency in Al-Abad.

When the police entered the plane, captured the threat written in Urdu. The use of Urdu language for the message was apparent that it was not written, but it has been provided international support for it.

On the probe, it came to pass that the threatened brotherhood office was printed from his personal laptop and used a Google translator to threaten the threats from English to Hindi.

According to Indian Anti-Jacking Act of 2016, there are only two sentences for high jacking or threatening, age imprisonment or the death sentence.

From October 2017 in Birjo jail, the verdict was pending in the verdict, recently the court has convicted Burgoo for his life imprisonment with a penalty of Rs. 5 crores.

According to a judicial decision, pilots per ship mentioned as mental discharge will be paid one lakh rupees, per air host 50000 rupees and Rs 25,000 per person will be paid for a fine amount.

Burja Saha is the first person to punish under this new Indian unit.

Just like Brava Soha wanted to be in the same way, it happened. Jet Airways dismissed her second wife immediately after the incident.