Healthy Heart

Healthy Heart
Healthy Heart:
Traditional and non-stable doctors agree that seafood, fruits, vegetables, green tea, nuts, grains, onion, onion, ginger, hot pepper, garlic, olive oil, mineral wines, alcohol vitamins C Eat and Beta agree with food. To save cartoon arts and prevent heart disease and stroke. Sweet and sweet foods are orange fat, maximum alcohol, and smoking, with which it can harm severe and heart.

Indeed, only foods, which include ingredients known to prevent individual heart disease, can increase life in the year. According to an international group of experts, if the age of 50 years of age increases almonds, garlic, and other fasting diseases, their daily diet is expected, they expect more than six years of their life. And will pass more than that. Patients

The menu includes wine, fish, black chocolate, fruit, vegetables, garlic, and almonds. In addition to the fish, all the ingredients can be used daily in recommended quantities, in which research shows that it should be eaten four times a week.

In addition, beans including soybean, kidney, and chicken, help reduce the level of chololol and improve the health of the heart.

1. What is cholesterol?

Cholesterol is a type of fat in the blood (wrapped). In addition, one's cell, as well as one's body needs it. Cholesterol can also be obtained from food.
If the body is very high in cholesterol. It starts building in some obstacles (arteries are blood vessels that are bleeding from blood). It is called to prevent atherosclerosis or hardness. It is that some heart and blood flow problems have started.

Tension can be restricted through its construction and makes it difficult to flow through the blood. Construction of dangerous blood flour and inflammation can also lead to heart attack and stroke.

Many things can affect the level of cholesterol, including

in the. Eating is a meal. Very infrared fat can increase food, transmission fat, and cholesterol.

ii. Huge. This HDL ("good") can reduce cholesterol.

iii Disabled exercises can not HDL ("good") cholesterol.

iv. Age cholesterol increases over 20 years.

V. Family history. If you have family members or high cholesterol, you may also have this.

There are various types of cholesterol: