Five-Seat Modern Aircraft Exhibition in California

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Five-Seat Modern Aircraft Exhibition in California
Five-Seat Modern Aircraft Exhibition in California:
Sacramento: US state of California has been presented for five-star modern aircraft.

According to the details, experts have developed this modern style, Sky has five seats in the air, and a mini-van is as much as possible.

The foreign news agency says the US company has developed the first airline of its type of hydrogen operator.

According to media reports, a private company in California exhibited the model of hydrogen aircraft, five seats in the sky called Sky, as well as a mini-van.
This unique aircraft with six hydrogen fuel cell batteries will be helpful in traveling to nearby cities. Aircraft will be available for sale in 2021 after the Federal Aviation Administration gets certified.

Earlier this year, the world's smallest ship in April was surprised by all the flights in Poland's first fleet.

The first flight of the world's smallest ship

It was believed that the ship consisting of five sets was blown up at the airport called Zai Lunaguara in south-east Poland, which was a watchful watcher, and weighed 700 Kg.

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