Created in The Billions OF Years, The Land

Created in The Billions OF Years, The Land
Created in The Billions OF Years, The Land:
We have settled on this land for many generations, in spite of the growth in everyday life, we also know something about our neighboring planets and outside our solar system, but we get very little time to consider it.

Let's know today about our own house, earth, and the universe.

Our universe is a huge explosion called Big Bang, resulting in 13 billion 80 million years ago. The universe was very simple in the beginning. There were some hydrogen and helium gases, whereas there was plenty of energy.

At this time the stars in the universe, say that the planets and planets were not present, while living was not there.
After some time some complex elements began to appear in the universe. The first time in the universe, and after that 20 million year of Big Bang appeared.

Some big stars became and then ended, it blew up and the new elements came into existence. These bodies gave birth to more new elements like soil, ice, stone, and minerals. Then the elements started becoming the planet.

Our sun and the system showed about 4 billion years ago.

4 billion years ago life took place on earth. This life began to evolve, but most of the living creatures were very small and single cells (consisting of a cell). For the first time 1 billion years ago, multi-cells (including many cells) life took place.

50 million years ago the masses on the earth were common, like trees or tiring saris. In this, man is the latest creation. The appearance of human beings just happened two million years ago.

Man's arrival was an important event on earth because the man was unique and better than all creatures coming before him. The man started transferring the information around him and his thoughts to the next generation, which began to be the first generations.

Now, in just a few hundred years, man has developed so much that the future of all living creatures and all those living in it has taken its own hand.
A unique development, technology and wealth have been able to change the color of the seasons, rivers, and winds, and it has started damaging its own house.

According to experts, only in the next few years, man's development will determine if these will be lost from the planet and the present living creature page or will be there for many millions of years.

Experts say that for the first time in billions of years, the survival of the creatures of all planets, the creation of a creature (human) is to be passed. Fighting this survival war is a major challenge and this challenge is once again in 4 billion years.