Pakistan And Australia Will Re-Contest Tomorrow

Pakistan And Australia Will Re-Contest Tomorrow

Pakistan And Australia Will Re-Contest Tomorrow:

Perth: The Pakistan Test team and Australia will see the action again tomorrow, with the second practice match between the two teams being played tomorrow.

According to details, the two-day practice match between Pakistan and Australia XI will begin in Perth tomorrow, the first practice match was concluded without any result, the Pakistani team has returned to the forum, the players have been doing well in batting and bowling. Are.

Pakistan And Australia Will Re-Contest Tomorrow:

The team's morale is high due to its excellent performance in the first practice match, considering that the practice match played from yesterday consists of only two days before the three-day practice match was played.

Australian Test squad announced against Pakistan
Remember that the three-day practice match between Perth and Australia A was played in Perth, in pursuit of the target of 459 runs, Australia A team scored 91 runs on 2 wickets on the last day.

Pakistan And Australia Will Re-Contest Tomorrow:

Australia, on the other hand, announced the squad for the Test series against Pakistan, the first Test between the two teams will begin in Brisbane from November 21. Skipper Tim Pan, David Warner, Steve Smith, Mitchell Starc, Cameron Bancroft, Jawburns, Pat Cummins and Josh Hazel Wood have been included in the squad for the two-handed series from Pakistan.

In addition, Travis Head, Laboussin, Nathan Line, Michael Nasser, James Patterson, and Matthew Wade will be part of the squad. We will start in Brisbane in November.

IPhone 11 Starts Booking in Pakistan Know The Price

IPhone 11 Starts Booking in Pakistan Know The Price

iPhone 11 Starts Booking in Pakistan Know The Price:

New York: Apple company introduces its own three-camera iPhone, three models of the iPhone 11 have been introduced, and the price has also been raised to $ 699 compared to last year's $ 749.

According to details, Apple company, the founder of smartphones introduced its latest iPhone 11, Apple's announcement came during the company's biggest event of the year, where they introduced several new products.

Three models of iPhone 11 are introduced, iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max, these phones are available for 64, 128 and 256 GB storage while the screen size of all three models is 5.8 inches. , 6.1 inches and 6.5 inches.

Apple said that their new iPhone 11 will come with two back cameras, including an ultra-wide-angle lens while using the new Generation Micro Chips A13 while its battery iPhone. Runs one hour longer than 10.

The introductory price of this phone is also set at $ 699 compared to last year's $ 749, Apple expects a lower price than other smartphones can attract more consumers.

Given the 3 cameras behind the expensive iPhone 11 Pro, which includes wide-angle, telephoto and ultra-wide, this phone can make videos from all back and front cameras at a time, priced at $ 999. ۔

The big-screen iPhone 11 Pro Max is priced at $ 1,999.

Apple TV Plus streaming telecommunications service will be available in more than 100 countries by the month of November, but this service and Apple Arcade video game subscription will not be available in China.

iPhone, iPad and Mac buyers will be able to get one year of free streaming TV service, which will attract millions of viewers to the service.

Advance bookings for the iPhone 11 will start on Friday 13th September and will start attracting customers from September 20th.
Fans are eagerly awaiting the launch of the new model 'iPhone X' from US-based technology company 'Appel', while there is still some time for new models to be available in the market, but its advance booking has begun in Pakistan.

According to details, the press release issued by the company said that the pre-booking of 'iPhone X' has started from Friday to Friday across Pakistan.

Customers can book an iPhone X series from specific locations across the country.


64 GB - PKR 173,499

128 GB - PKR 182,299

256 GB - PKR 200,999

iPhone 11 Pro:

64 GB - PKR 229,999

256 GB - PKR 258,499

512 GB - PKR 296,499

iPhone 11 Pro Max:

64 GB - PKR 248,499

256 GB - PKR 276,999

512 GB - PKR 315,499

Chest Infection: How To Avoid In The Winter

Chest Infection: How To Avoid In The Winter

Chest Infection: How To Avoid In The Winter:

The weather is changing and the cold has begun. This season can lead to some precautionary diarrhea, cough, severe headaches and seasonal fever. In the winter, it is common to have a chest and respiratory tract disorder and cough.

Most people resort to various homemade prescriptions to relieve coughs, which is proven to be effective, but in some cases coughing can be exacerbated by chest infections and shortness of breath. In such a case a full medical examination and consultation with the doctor should be made.

Chest Infection: How To Avoid In The Winter

In the winter, especially those with chest and respiratory diseases need a great deal of caution, while common coughs can be relieved by taking homemade prescriptions and simple precautions. However, if a cough persists for a long time, you should consult an authorized physician.
Experts say that if the cough lasts more than a week, you should consult a doctor.

Cough is associated with respiratory complications. If it is a dry and severe type that lasts more than a week, it is important to consult a physician as it can cause bronchitis due to severe cough and certain lungs. Diagnosis and regular treatment are necessary, otherwise, mucus begins to accumulate in the lungs and most people have difficulty breathing.

Chest Infection: How To Avoid In The Winter

In winter, where adults may complain of colds and coughs, children should be especially careful this season. It is important to be careful when eating them with warm clothes. In this season, unnecessary use of ice cream, cold drinks can be detrimental.

British Princess Kate Wants To Train Her Children Like a Mother-in-Law

British Princess Kate Wants To Train Her Children Like a Mother-in-Law

British Princess Kate Wants To Train Her Children Like a Mother-in-Law:

London: British princess Kate Middleton has expressed her desire to have two princes of the royal family and a princess live like normal children.

According to the British media report, the wives of Prince William want Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louise to live a real-life and all three experience the same experiences that ordinary children do.

British media have claimed that the 37-year-old princess does not want her children to live as luxuriously as other members of the royal family, because Kate Middleton believes she will be left behind in real life if she lives like this. ۔

British Princess Kate Wants To Train Her Children Like a Mother-in-Law:

Sources in the royal family say that Prince William also agrees with his wife's wishes and has already registered the case.
Remember that the eldest son of Prince William and Kate Middleton is Prince George, who is 6 years old, Princess Charlotte who is four years old and the youngest Prince Louise, who is one year old.

The report claims that Kate Middleton wants her mother-in-law to train her children in the true sense of the royal tradition, as Lady Diana did.

British Princess Kate Wants To Train Her Children Like a Mother-in-Law:

Kate knows how much her husband, Prince William, loves his mother, Princess Diana. Royal family sources say Middleton says that as William and Harry attended public school, made friends, so did all three of their children.

Rejecting US pressure, Iran Resumes Enrichment OF Nuclear Material

Rejecting US pressure, Iran Resumes Enrichment OF Nuclear Material

Rejecting US pressure, Iran Resumes Enrichment OF Nuclear Material:

Tehran: Iran has resumed the enrichment of nuclear material despite pressure from US authorities.

According to details, the nuclear deal was banned by Iran under the World Nuclear Treaty, but Iran has resumed enrichment of the UN.

According to a foreign news agency, Iran yesterday announced the resumption of UN-sponsored enrichment, but now the Tehran government has begun working on enrichment.

Rejecting US pressure, Iran Resumes Enrichment OF Nuclear Material:

In response, US officials spokesman Morgan Ortigas said such actions by Iran were nothing new, it was possible.
He warned that the increase in Iran's enrichment of nuclear materials would pose a threat, a move that would be a major mistake by the Tehran government.

On the other hand, Ali Akbar Salehi, head of the Iranian nuclear plant, says Iran will increase enrichment by 5 percent, which is suitable for nuclear radiation.

The nuclear agreement confirms Iranian action of 24 tonnes of uranium enrichment

Remember that in July this year, the European Union warned Iran to immediately stop increasing uranium enrichment and to abide by the previous agreement.

The Second T20, Australia Defeated Pakistan

The Second T20, Australia defeated Pakistan

The Second T20, Australia defeated Pakistan:

Canberra: Australia beat Pakistan by seven wickets in the second T20, Australia got 0-1 in the series, Pakistan batted first and scored a target of 151 runs.

According to details, Pakistan won the toss and elected to bat and scored a target of 151 runs, Captain Babar Azam 50 and Iftikhar Ahmed scored 62 runs in the second T20 match.

In the second T20, Australia batted in pursuit of Pakistan's one-hundred and seventy-eight runs, the Australian team took over after the initial loss, with Dangerman David Warner base and captain Aaron Finch scoring 17 runs while Smith was responsible. The score was pushed forward.

The Second T20, Australia Defeated Pakistan:

Ben Durmot scored 21 and Mohammad Amir Irfan and Emad Yusuf were dismissed for one wicket each, but Pakistani bowlers looked helpless ahead of Steven Smith, Steven Smith played brilliantly for 80 runs.

 After Australia defeated Pakistan by 7 wickets, Australia got a 0-1 lead in the series.

It is believed that after the result of the first Twenty20 rain, Pakistan and Australia did not make any changes to the Pakistan team in the second half. Earlier, no Twenty20 match was played in Canberra. After winning, the captain decided to bat first.

The Second T20, Australia Defeated Pakistan:

Australian captain Aaron Finch said the Australian team had not made any changes, fielding first to win the toss.

Challenge Pakistan to save the first position in series, clean sweep in T20 series will make Australia number one.

Rainfall Ends Pakistan And Australia's First Twenty20 Tournament

Considering that the first Twenty20 match between Pakistan and Australia was ended due to rain, both the national team's batting bowling failed.

The Second T20, Australia Defeated Pakistan:

Cricket analysts say that winning this match will be important for Pakistan, the performance of the previous match on the national team is also degraded, fans are disappointed with the cricket betting.

WhatsApp Prompts Introduction Of Payment Mode Feature Soon

WhatsApp Prompts Introduction Of Payment Mode Feature Soon

WhatsApp Prompts Introduction Of Payment Mode Feature Soon:

SAN FRANCISCO: Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg hinted at introducing the WhatsApp payment feature soon.

Facebook's chief executive officer announced two days ago that the largest mobile application WhatsApp, a proprietary messaging facility, will soon be launched in India with the convenience of payment feature mode.

At a ceremony, the journalist asked Mark Zuckerberg about the convenience of making payments through the WhatsApp and Facebook, and he said that the feature would be introduced in countries where services are available.

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According to media reports, Mark Zuckerberg did not give a final time, however, he did indicate that Facebook was going to test this feature.

He said that "we are working on the payment method in India because in recent days observation has revealed that the number of users of WhatsApp business version in India has increased significantly".

Remember that the number of WhatsApp users worldwide has exceeded 1 billion, new features are introduced daily by the company to impress users and improve the quality of service.

WhatsApp Introduces A New Feature:
San Francisco: WhatsApp, the most popular messaging application, introduces the 'fingerprint lock' feature for Android users.

According to details, WhatsApp has introduced a 'fingerprint lock' feature to solve the long-standing problem of users, which is meant to protect users' extra security and messages.

Users will be able to download this updated version of WhatsApp to their smartphone and use this feature.

WhatsApp company management says that the Touch ID and Face ID feature was introduced for iPhone users earlier this year. Now we have introduced a fingerprint lock features for Android users as well.

Customers will open the WhatsApp app on their smartphone to use the Fingerprint Lock feature, then go to the Settings option and open the Account section.

Fingerprint lock can be opened in the privacy section after opening the account section which will authenticate you to use this fingerprint after you have locked it.

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It may be recalled that the mobile application company recently filed a lawsuit against an Israeli firm in a US court over alleged WhatsApp consumer spying.

The mobile application company sued the Israeli cyber surveillance firm NSO Group for allegedly using a mobile application for its espionage program and targeting its users.